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When the mucosa of your nose is dry and irritated, it can be very uncomfortable and even painful. Nasal dryness also increases the risk of irritants entering the nose. Protect your nose with help from GeloSitin Nasal Care. GeloSitin Sesame Oil Nasal Care is a superior alternative to saline nasal sprays, lasting nine times longer and delivering gentle and effective relief even in the driest climates. Order your GeloSitin Nasal Care spray today!

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Caring for your Nose

Dry, irritated nasal mucous membranes are painful and unpleasant. Regardless of the time of year, stress factors can cause dry nose symptoms like nosebleeds, itching, burning, sneezing, nasal crusts and scabs. When this happens, your dry nose needs the ultimate relief — GeloSitin Nasal Care spray.

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